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X5 Facelift - E70 (2010 - ...)

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X5 Facelift - E70 (2010 - ...)
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The original – now even greater supremacy: The new BMW X5.

Source: BMW Group

More dynamic, efficient and luxurious than ever, the new BMW X5 continues to strengthen its leading position within the competitive environment of four-wheel driven premium vehicles. A completely revised range of engines, the standard eight-speed automatic transmission and innovative driver assistance systems ensure that the driving pleasure characteristic of the Sports Activity Vehicle offers even greater fascination. Specific design modifications authentically emphasise the enhanced sporting character. New exterior and interior colours as well as light-alloy wheels underline the vehicle’s exclusive style. Unsurpassed efficiency gives added quality to the BMW X5 that impresses both in terms of appearance as well as driving pleasure. In spite of significantly improved performance, fuel consumption and emission levels are up to 10 percent lower compared to its predecessor.
With the arrival of the first-generation BMW X5, the Sports Activity Vehicle segment was established. The new BMW X5 substantiates its leading edge status through innovative drive technology, first-class equipment features, expressive design and premium quality. The BMW X5 xDrive50i with a V8 engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo and direct petrol injection (High Precision Injection) is, with an output of 300 kW/407 bhp, positioned at the top of the model portfolio. The new BMW X5 xDrive35i is powered by a 225 kW/306 bhp straight six-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo, High Precision Injection and VALVETRONIC.

A new generation of engines also helps the BMW X5’s two diesel variants achieve a most favourable ratio between driving performance and fuel consumption. The BMW X5 xDrive40d’s all-aluminium straight six-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo and Common Rail direct injection develops a maximum power output of 225 kW/306 bhp. In spite of a 15 kW higher output than its predecessor, average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle has been reduced by 0.8 percent to 7.5 litres/100 km. The new BMW X5 xDrive30d has an even lower average consumption. This six-cylinder diesel with an output increased by 7 kW to 180 kW/245 bhp is contented with 7.4 litres/100 km in the EU test cycle. All engines comply with the EU5 emission standard.
The ongoing advancement in the reduction of fuel consumption and emission levels is the result of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, which has been consistently implemented on all BMW X models.
The original – now even greater supremacy: The new BMW X5.
Moreover, the innovative power of the world’s most successful premium car builder is also evident in the multiplicity of driver assistance systems, which are available for the new BMW X5 as part of BMW ConnectedDrive and are unique within the competitive environment. The BMW X5 is the only vehicle in its competitive segment that can be equipped with the Head-Up Display and the Surround View system. In addition, this Sports Activity Vehicle now offers a choice of Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Info and Side View.
More than ever before, the BMW X5 offers superior and dynamic road performance. Thanks to the BMW xDrive intelligent four-wheel drive technology, it also offers supreme off-road qualities. This permanent four-wheel drive system, which comes as standard, ensures variable adjustment of drive torque between the front and rear axles. Its electronic control system and integrated DSC Dynamic Stability Control facilitate an unequalled rapid response to different driving situations. Every tendency for the vehicle to oversteer or understeer is immediately detected so that appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure stability before the driver even notices the necessity to intervene. In this way, iDrive is able to optimise in advance both driving dynamics and traction on slippery surfaces. The new BMW X5 features a modified version of this four-wheel technology. With a revised, more neutrally interpreted basic configuration, xDrive now contributes even more effectively towards an increase in driving dynamics.
The interior of the new BMW X5 is fitted as standard with five comfortable seats with an option of third-row seats to accommodate two further passengers. Luggage compartment capacity can also be flexibly adapted to suit varying requirements. By completely folding down the 40:60 split rear seats, storage space can be increased from 620 litres to a maximum of  1,750 litres. Even when seven seats are in use, a storage space of 200 litres is still available.


Design: Well-balanced proportions and clear signs of enhanced sporting performance.
The body design of the new BMW X5 is characterised by well-balanced proportions that accentuate both the vehicle’s powerful elegance and its agility. A long wheelbase, short front and rear body overhangs and large wheels provide a visual balance of the front and rear section of the vehicle, this serving as an indication of permanent four-wheel drive technology. The angles of all pillars have been designed to sweep upwards to merge at an imaginary vanishing point at the roofline, supporting the impression of a body that is powerfully supported by the front and rear wheels.
Furthermore, the sides of the vehicle are elegantly stretched through the dominance of horizontal lines. The surface of the bonnet flows seamlessly into the waistline. The prominent, gently inclined contour line at door handle level extends from the front wheel arches to the rear of the vehicle. Square-shaped, powerfully contoured wheel arches symbolise stability and presence.
This Sports Activity Vehicle boasts a dynamic, robust but elegant appearance, its design reflecting superior sporting performance on tarmac, supreme off-road potential and the premium character of a luxury class vehicle.

Newly conceived, intensely road-oriented front end.
With its distinctively contoured bonnet, large-sized BMW kidney grille and dual round headlights slightly cut off at the top, the new BMW X5 boasts a strikingly expressive front end that symbolises power and presence. The new interpretation of this look, which is characteristic of BMW X models, comprises in particular the structure of the front apron and the position of  the fog lamps featured as standard. Due to an increased number of elements painted in matching body colour, the front end gives the impression of being nearer to the road surface. At the same time, the increased size of both the inner and the two outer air intakes indicates the boosted engine output.
Hence, the newly conceived front end accentuates the BMW X5’s further enhanced sporting performance.
The black plastic trim at the bottom edge of the body is now considerably narrower. A matt-finished silver underride protection extending across the entire width of the middle air intake, thereby emphasising the muscular features of this Sports Activity Vehicle, additionally accentuates the new BMW X5’s robust character.
Together with the dual round headlights, fog lamps, which are now situated higher and closer to the BMW kidney grille, form a triangular design typical of BMW X models. The visual unity of light sources resulting from this configuration serves to symbolise a particularly intensive focus on the road.
The new BMW X5’s headlight units strongly emphasise the exceptionally high quality. The technology-oriented structure of the cylinder-shaped light sources featured by the optional Xenon headlights is highlighted by a black matt-finished trim. Furthermore, LED corona rings serve as position lights and daytime driving lights. BMW’s characteristic daytime driving light design is distinctively enhanced by the bright white beam emitted by this light source.

Rear end with a powerful, sporting charisma.
Here too, an increased number of surfaces painted in matching body colour give the rear end of the new BMW X5 a particularly elegant and at the same time sporting appearance. The newly conceived rear apron takes up the graphic structure of the front end. The intricately designed surrounds of the tailpipes, which are located far to the side, are painted in body colour, underlining the vehicle’s premium character. In the centre, a matt-finished silver underride protection emphasises the robustness and off-road suitability of the Sports Activity Vehicle.
Above the bumper, the rear of the BMW X5 is divided by parallel horizontal lines. The result is an accentuation of the width, highlighting the vehicle’s muscular features. The L-shaped, redesigned taillights, each with two homogeneously illuminated LED light banks, reflect the brand-typical night-time design of the rear end. Additionally, the vehicle width is emphasised by the narrowly designed white light-bands of the reversing lights.
A new choice of body colours provides further visual enhancements. The metallic colours Deep Sea Blue, Platinum Grey and Sparkling Bronze are now available for the BMW X5.

Interior: Luxurious ambience, high seating position, new generation of iDrive control system as standard.
The interior of the BMW X5 is characterised by a generous amount of space and a modern, sophisticated design. Thanks to exceptional variability in a luxurious ambience, the highest demands with regard to functionality are fulfilled in a particularly exclusive fashion. The horizontal structure of the dashboard and a harmonious match with the door trim underline the generous amount of passenger compartment space. Comfortable seats, high-grade materials and carefully matched colour combinations accentuate the premium character of this modern Sports Activity Vehicle. The optional leather trim Nevada is now also available in the colours Cinnamon Brown and Oyster. The choice of interior options has been complemented by a matt Satin Silver trim strip.
Moreover, the high seating position in conjunction with the centre console, which is inclined towards the driver, contributes towards the characteristic driving experience and permits an optimum view of each traffic situation, thereby conveying the impression of absolute control over the vehicle.
Ergonomically ideally positioned control elements and spacious storage compartments additionally enhance the state-of-the-art functionality of the BMW X5.
The new BMW X5 is equipped as standard with the latest generation of the iDrive control system, whose 6.5-inch control display (or 8.8-inch display when ordered in conjunction with the navigation system Professional) is harmoniously integrated into the dashboard and ideally positioned for the driver. The onboard computer and the audio system as well as the navigation and communication functions are activated by tilting, turning and pressing the controller, which is located in the middle of the centre console. Direct selection buttons on the controller enable fast changing between CD, radio, telephone and navigation functions. The choice of direct selection buttons is supplemented by the three command buttons “MENU”, “BACK” and “OPTION”. In addition, the eight “favourite” buttons located on the centre console can be used to store and select radio stations, telephone numbers and navigation destinations or other menu items accessible via iDrive.
Besides a hard disk storage unit for digital maps and the personal music collection, the navigation system Professional also comprises multi-mode control of functions by voice entry and by the controller. The driver can choose between both forms of entry even while handling a specific task or operation, with voice entry as well as the controller remaining active at the same time for simultaneous use. Voice entry also facilitates direct access to stored music and the verbal entry of entire addresses.


High degree of variability in the interior, optional third-row seats.
The BMW X5 offers driving pleasure on the most diverse terrain. The manifold possibilities of use also include a high degree of variability in the interior. The three seats in the back offer a generous amount of legroom and headway and guarantee an outstanding level of comfort even during long journeys. The luggage compartment offers a storage capacity of 620 litres. If more space is needed, the 40:60 split rear seats can be either partially or completely folded down. This function provides a totally flat loading area and a maximum storage capacity of 1,750 litres. The wide, horizontally split tailgate, the elements of which open in opposite directions, facilitates convenient loading. The lower section can be used as a platform and carries a load of 250 kilograms.
Third-row seats are optionally available for the BMW X5. These two seats are provided with headrests and three-point automatic seat belts. The seats can be individually stowed into the vehicle floor. Even when seven seats are in use, the new BMW X5 still has a luggage compartment volume of 200 litres.

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