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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...) - Visibility and Exclusivity

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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)
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Optimum visibility: bi- xenon headlights featured as standard.
Featured as standard on the BMW X6, dual bi-xenon headlights not only ensure optimum illumination of the road ahead in the dark, but also, through their corona rings, offer an attractive and practical form of daytime driving light. This increases visibility of the car also from a longer distance and clearly distinguishes the X6 as a genuine BMW right from the start.
The BMW X6 comes as standard with a light sensor automatically switching on the low-beam headlights as a function of ambient brightness. Further standard features are the rain sensor measuring the intensity of precipitation and automatically adjusting the operation and speed of the windscreen wipers as well as a solar sensor providing the automatic air conditioning with information on the degree and intensity of sunshine.
The optional High-Beam Assistant ensures additional comfort when driving at night, automatically switching from high to low beam in oncoming traffic or when the distance to a vehicle ahead drops below a certain point.
The foglamps serve additionally as Bending Lights, with their light beam being deflected to the side by a reflector when taking a bend in order to illuminate the road in the direction the driver is following.
Optional cruise control complete with an automatic brake function acts on engine management, the selection of gears and the brakes to maintain the speed determined in advance by the driver. The system permanently registers the vehicle’s lateral acceleration and, whenever necessary, reduces road speed in order to prevent any loss of comfort in bends. And last but not least, the brakes intervene when driving downhill to ensure appropriate control of the vehicle, also when towing a trailer.
To mastermind the Navigation, Climate Control, Entertainment and Commu-nication functions, the BMW X6 comes as standard with BMW’s trendsetting iDrive technology. Turning, pushing and sliding the iDrive Controller on the centre console, the driver sets the appropriate comfort and communication functions then presented – together with the various adjustment options – on the Control Display.
Eight favourite buttons available for individual control functions serve to further simplify operation of the vehicle, enabling the driver, simply by pressing one single button, to retrieve a telephone number frequently required, a destination to which he travels regularly, or his favourite radio station, to mention just some examples.
As an option, information relevant to the driver may also be projected on to the windscreen by the Head-Up Display in an ergonomically particularly convenient position. This presents the speed of the car, navigation instruc-tions, speed data and warnings from the Check/Control system directly in the driver’s line of vision.


Exclusive and innovative: the optional extras.
High-quality, sophisticated navigation and audio systems serve to enhance travelling comfort in the BMW X6 to an even higher standard. A DVD video system for the rear passengers, a CD or DVD changer integrated into the glove compartment, as well as the innovative multi-channel audio system are among the highlights offered in mobile entertainment.
Even in standard trim, the audio system comes with six loudspeakers while the HiFi Professional system developed in particular for multi-channel audio playback comprises no less than 16 loudspeakers.
Thanks to the AUX-in bush featured as standard as well as the USB interface available as an option, the driver or another user is able to play music from an external audio source such as an MP3 player on the car’s loudspeakers, since all CD drives available for the BMW X6 are able to play music in the MP3 format.
Further options available to the discerning customer are the BMW Online mobile internet portal and the BMW Assist telematics service.
The BMW X6 is likewise available with BMW TeleServices offering functions ranging all the way from an automatic Teleservice Call through a manual TeleService Call to BMW Teleservice Diagnosis including Teleservice Assistance.
To make an automatic Teleservice Call, the vehicle, using the CBS Condition Based Service on-board diagnosis system, determines the type of service required and when it is needed. To arrange a date for service at the workshop, the data thus established on the current condition of the vehicle’s engine oil, brake fluid, brake discs and pads, as well as other parts subject to wear and tear, can be conveyed by telephone to the driver’s BMW Service Partner.
In the event of a deficiency in the electronic system, BMW Teleservice Diagnosis serves to transmit any defect codes recorded by the system to BMW Breakdown Assistance. And if such a deficiency can be remedied by re-setting the software in the appropriate control unit, the BMW Breakdown Assistance Service is able to send an appropriate command directly to the vehicle.
Supplementing PDC Park Distance Control, the BMW X6 is also available with a special back-up camera. This video system facilitates parking and manoeuvring in confined or unclear spaces, the driver activating the back-up camera either by pressing a button or automatically when shifting to reverse (together with PDC).
As an alternative to the automatic air conditioning featured as standard, the BMW X6 is also available with individual temperature control. This two-zone automatic air conditioning allows separate choice of the desired temperature and air distribution on the driver’s and front passenger’s side. Four-zone automatic air conditioning, going yet another step further, offers the same option on the rear seats, with air temperature and distribution being masterminded by a separate control unit.
The glass sliding/vent roof available as an option provides an exceptional feeling of space and freedom, electric operation of this extra-large glass roof moving up and down within the car being activated either by a switch in the interior or by the key to the car.
Presenting the new X6 Sports Activity Coupé, BMW is once again proving the Company’s outstanding competence in the development of innovative vehicle concepts. As the first-ever Sports Activity Coupé in the world, the BMW X6 interprets the sporting character so typical of the brand in an entirely new fashion, at the same time adding an innovative and extremely The BMW X5 has already demonstrated most clearly that dynamic driving qualities are a decisive criterion also with a vehicle of this class and calibre. The BMW X3, in turn, has added outstanding agility as a further factor crucial to success in this segment. And now the BMW X6 focuses again on these priorities, raising them to an even higher level. As a result, the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé from BMW once again sets the standard in a market segment characterised by particularly dynamic growth And at the same time the BMW X6, through its concept and drive technology, clearly proves and confirms the exceptional innovative power of Germany’s premium carmaker.


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