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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...) - Active Steering and Adaptive Drive

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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)
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Active Steering and Adaptive Drive
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Active Steering for a particularly sporting and comfortable style of motoring.
The rack-and-pinion steering on the BMW X6 varies the steering transmission ratio as a function of the steering angle, thus meeting all kinds of require-ments under different driving conditions. Keeping power assistance at a consistent level also at high speeds with the steering in its midrange position, the steering thus enhances superior control of the car. In bends, on the other hand, the driver benefits from more direct steering response, the steering ratio geared to the angle of the steering wheel allowing an even more dynamic style of motoring.
As an option the BMW X6 is also available with Active Steering.
This very special system developed by BMW offers exactly the right steering ratio at all speeds, maintaining direct steering behaviour up to a speed of about 90 km/h or 55 mph, as required particularly for a sporting and active style of motoring. A further advantage in this case is that the driver only has to turn the steering wheel twice from lock to lock when parking. At higher speeds, on the other hand, Active Steering offers a more indirect transmission ratio in the interest of steady directional stability and, as a result, enhanced motoring comfort.
On the BMW X6 Active Steering is combined with Servotronic, thus making an active contribution in stabilising the car in the event of oversteer in bends or particularly demanding brake manoeuvres. When applying the brakes on different surfaces left and right, for example, that is with a so-called modal split, Active Steering countersteers discreetly but firmly to prevent the car from swerving out of control.


Unique: Adaptive Drive with data transfer via FlexRay.
Carefully harmonised interaction of the vehicle’s anti-roll bars and dampers masterminded by Adaptive Drive is another unique feature in the segment of BMW X Models. Indeed, this combination of active body roll control and variable damper adjustment available as an option gives the new BMW X6 incomparably superior driving behaviour.
Using sensors in the vehicle, Adaptive Drive permanently monitors and calculates data on road speed, the steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, body and wheel velocity, as well as ride and damper height. Applying this information, the system acts directly on the anti-roll bar swivel motors and the electromagnetic valves in the dampers, varying body roll and the damping effect appropriately at all times and in all situations. Simply by pressing a button, finally, the driver is able to choose either a sporting or a comfortable setting on Adaptive Drive.
BMW Adaptive Drive uses high-speed FlexRay data transmission for fast and reliable coordination of data. This system developed to production standard by a development consortium under the leadership of BMW offers a standard of data transfer capacity never seen before – and BMW is the first carmaker in the world to use FlexRay technology in a regular production car.

Superior dynamics with two gasoline and two diesel engines.
Through its superior suspension technology, the BMW X6 is able to convert all the power of the engine safely and consistently into driving dynamics under virtually all conditions and on all kinds of surfaces. And the power units available in the first Sports Activity Coupé set standards themselves in terms of muscular performance, superior running smoothness, and outstanding efficiency in their respective class. Both the two gasoline engines with Twin Turbo technology and the two all-aluminium diesel engines represent the latest state of the art in engine technology. The power range, finally, extends all the way from 173 kW/235 hp to 300 kW/407 hp.
The top-of-the-range BMW X6 xDrive50i is powered by an all-new eight-cylinder, while the BMW X6 xDrive35i features the most powerful straight-six within the engine portfolio of Germany’s leading premium car maker.
Both of these gasoline engines benefit in their performance characteristics and efficiency from the exclusive combination of Twin Turbo technology and High Precision Injection available only from BMW. The principle of combining two turbochargers and direct gasoline injection applied for the first time on the straight-six is now also to be admired on the new V8.
The BMW X6 xDrive35d is entering the market with the world’s most sporting and dynamic six-cylinder. And the X6 xDrive30d – again featuring an all-aluminium diesel with third-generation common-rail fuel injection – likewise offers the power and performance of a sports car combined with a level of efficiency quite unique in the market segment of BMW’s X Models.


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