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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...) - Side, Rear and Interior View

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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)
Side, Rear and Interior View
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Dynamics and Comfort
Agility and Stability
Active Steering and Adaptive Drive
Twin Turbo V8
Powerful Straight-six: Petrol and Diesel
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Side view: dynamic roofline, muscular surfaces.
The unique proportions of the new BMW X6 come out particularly clearly from the side.
The short body overhang at the front, taking just one example, emphasises the dynamic look of the vehicle, the roof line tapering out gently towards the rear and the long body overhang on the rear section adding to the stretched silhouette of a genuine coupé.
The roofline reaches its highest point directly above the first row of seats, thus clearly placing the focus on the driver, creating a special effect most appropriate for the extravagant design of the BMW X6.
At the rear the side window frame features the “counter-swing” at the bottom of the D-pillar so well-known as the “Hofmeister kick”.
Chrome surrounds on the windows featured as standard distinguish the BMW X6 xDrive50i from the other model variants.
The high waistline and powerfully contoured wheel arches both front and rear, moving the visual centre of gravity to the middle of the vehicle and thus bearing testimony to all-wheel drive, are further significant features of the DNA of a BMW X Model. Slender plastic protectors on the bottom of the bumpers, the side-sills and wheel arches also serve to discreetly highlight the robust character of the BMW X6.
The side panel is split by two lines with striking contours, moving slowly towards one another at the front end of the vehicle to create a wedge-like impression symbolising the forward-pushing, powerful character of the BMW X6. The contour line running parallel to the door openers offers a particularly muscular look, enhancing the dynamic wedge shape generated by the growing distance between the shoulder line and the side-sill line towards the rear of the vehicle. Extending all the way to the rear light clusters, the contour line optically stretches the entire vehicle to provide an even more dynamic and powerful impression. The second character line, in turn, runs parallel to the side-sills half-way between the contour and the side-sill lines. Both front and rear, this additional character line ends where the extra-large wheel arches curve powerfully out of the side panels.
While the lines at the side highlight the supreme elegance of the car, the special design of the surface gives the BMW X6 a particularly powerful look from this perspective. Striking interaction of the concave and convex surfaces emphasises the muscular look of the vehicle, the BMW X6 thus providing an excellent balance of visual power and stylish presence.


Strong shoulders and a powerful stance from the rear.
The rear end of the BMW X6 likewise offers a thrilling combination of elegance, sportiness and robustness in full harmony with one another. The muscular bumper and protection cover on the underfloor are classic design elements of a BMW X Model.
Yet a further point is that the proportions so typical of a coupé also come out clearly and convincingly in the particular style and looks of a BMW X Model.
The greenhouse with its strikingly low rear window, in turn, tapers out smoothly towards the rear, with the rear lid featuring a distinct air flow lip testifying once again to the fact that this unique new vehicle is a genuine coupé in both its looks and style.  The entire rear end is subdivided by horizontal lines giving the rear end a wider look and emphasising the powerful stance and roadholding of the entire vehicle. The widest point at the rear is around the wheel arches.
The two tailpipes moved far to the outside and finished in sophisticated surrounds also guide the eyes of the beholder to the wheels of the BMW X6. Further special accentuation is added by the striking light edge along the lower section of the bumper, highlighting the ride height of the BMW X6 again so typical of a BMW X Model.
Even the special design of the rear light clusters takes the unique character of the BMW X6 into account, the L-shape so typical of a BMW X Model being re-interpreted and now boasting a particularly dynamic sweep from one side to the other. Extending far into the side panels, the rear-light clusters thus bring out and accentuate the entire width of the vehicle also through its night design.

Sportiness and exclusivity also within the interior.
To the very last detail, the interior of the BMW X6 offers a unique synthesis of exclusive luxury, sporting dynamics, and powerful style. Tense surfaces swivelling into one another symbolise the active character of BMW’s Sports Activity Coupé, sporting features such as kneepads on both sides of the centre console, paddles on the sports steering wheel featured as standard, and the fine scale on the circular instruments creating an excitingly different driving experience in the new BMW X6 both on the road and off the beaten track.
Like all BMW X Models, the new Sports Activity Coupé offers the occupants on all four seats an elevated, commanding seating position. In particular, this gives the driver a clear feeling of being perfectly in control of his BMW X6 in all situations. In conjunction with the cockpit simply begging the driver to drive his vehicle in active style, this creates an innovative impression of genuine, all-out sportiness.
The driver’s and front passenger’s seats come as standard with electric seat and backrest angle adjustment.
A further point distinguishing the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé from the other BMW X Models is the sporting design of the individual rear seats separated from one another through the centre console, the high-rising side supports, and the integrated headrests on all four seats.
The BMW X6 is the only car in the complete segment of BMW X Models to feature a sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles as standard.
These paddles enable the driver to shift gears manually on the six-speed automatic transmission for enhanced smoothness and response at all times: Shifting gears on the paddles, the driver is able to shift up and down smoothly and comfortably regardless of the current position of the steering wheel. Multifunction buttons on the steering wheel serve furthermore to operate the telephone and audio systems quickly, smoothly and without the slightest distraction, and two further buttons may be programmed individually according to the driver’s personal preferences.
The high-quality trimming on the steering wheel comes as standard in leather and features a highlight bar finished in pearl gloss chrome.
The instrument panel is dominated by dual round instruments with fine scales reminiscent of motorsport as clear visual reference to the sporting character of the BMW X6. The galvanised trim rings on the instrument panel clearly accentuate the exclusive character of the vehicle’s interior, with the same high-quality metal shimmer being boasted on the rotary knobs, the door openers, on the gearshift lever knob, and on the brackets within the air vents.
The new kneepads on the centre console stand out clearly as a particularly sporting feature offering the driver and front passenger additional stability in manoeuvres in city traffic and when driving offroad under tough conditions. The high-quality kneepad supports made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, in turn, combine low weight with outstanding robustness.
Depending on the features and equipment within the vehicle, the kneepads are matched to the colour of the respective interior and finished in appropriate materials.


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