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M6 Cabrio - E64 (2006 - ...) - Paintwork and interior

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M6 Cabrio - E64 (2006 - ...)
Muscular, sporting, elegant
Paintwork and interior
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Paintwork and interior: exclusive and individual.
Exclusive paintwork is a typical feature and, indeed, an important tradition of BMW M. Precisely this is why M metallic paint in Indianapolis Red, Sepang Bronze, Interlagos Blue, and Silverstone offer a particularly attractive visual highlight on the BMW M6 Convertible. A further choice is Alpine White non-metallic paint, and the M6 Convertible is of course also available in Sapphire Black, Metallic Silver Grey, Monaco Blue, and Stratos Grey, that is the “regular” colours of the BMW 6 Series. The BMW M6 logo, finally, comes in the side grilles, at the rear of the car, and in the illuminated door cutout trim. Stylish elegance and individual flair – these are also the qualities which dominate the interior of BMW’s most powerful open four-seater. Indeed, the BMW M6 Convertible offers all the style and noblesse appreciated so much by the aficionado of exclusive convertibles, with qualities ranging from a wide range of seat positions and interior spaciousness all the way to extremely attractive comfort features. A further, equally significant point, is the tasteful combination of exclusive materials, the interior of the car being characterised by surfaces and lines emanating a distinctive touch of solidity and dynamism. Long, swinging lines extend through the car both along the centre console and in the door linings, surrounding the driver and passenger with powerful shapes symbolising the car’s performance. The result is the same dynamic flair within the interior as on the body of the car, while at the same time the colours and shapes of the interior extend smoothly into the roof compartment lid. The bottom line, therefore, is that the BMW M6 Convertible offers a truly harmonious impression of all-round perfection both outside and inside. The seat upholstery in the BMW M6 Convertible is equally exclusive and functional. Naturally featured as standard, the extended leather upholstery and trim not only looks and feels simply perfect, but also braves even the worst wind and weather conditions in a convertible. Coming in exclusive Merino quality, leather upholstery is available in Black, Silverstone, and Sepang, covering the seats, centre console and handbrake lever gaiter as well as the door panels, armrests and sun visors. At the rear, in turn, the interior side panels are also finished in leather. Either Black or Basalt Grey outside, the roof is combined with a Black interior lining. And special features on the M models bound to catch the eye of the beholder at first sight are the exclusive seams on all seats as well as the M logo in the headrests. Available as an option, full leather upholstery covering an even wider range of features and surfaces inside the car comes in a choice of five colours, the three standard colours being supplemented in this case by Indianapolis Red and Portland Natural Brown. Here, case even the instrument panel, A-pillars, the upper windscreen panel including the sun visors, the door and rear side panels as well as the roof fastening locks are all finished in leather. And as a further option both the trim strips and surface panels within the interior are available in Black Piano paint, in Madeira and Carrara wood, and, finally, in carbon fibre.


Perfect seats for dynamic motoring.
The seats for both driver and front passenger have been optimised specifically for the BMW M6 Convertible. Compared with the seats in the BMW 650i Convertible, the foam sections on the shoulder siderests offer particularly good support under dynamic driving conditions with the seats now hugging the occupant’s body even more firmly and securely. The seat themselves adjust electrically in length, height, seat bottom and backrest angle. An electrically controlled lumbar support, in turn, ensures additional comfort and an even better fit with the occupant’s body, the infinitely controlled system of air chambers providing a particularly ergonomic seating position supporting the back muscles and removing loads from the backbone. Three-stage seat heating, finally, warms up both the seat bottom and backrest as well as the support elements at the side of the occupant’s back.

Dynamic driving pleasure for four.
Up to four occupants are able to enjoy the very best in driving pleasure in the BMW M6 Convertible, the passengers at the rear also experiencing all the pleasures of motoring in style: Sitting comfortably in deeply contoured leather seats separated from one another by seat cushions, they enjoy good side support ensured, inter alia, by the sporting contours of the backrests. And thanks to easy access on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, both rear seats are easy to reach, ensuring convenient access to and exit from the seats at the rear. Like in all BMW M Cars, the battery and the tyre repair system are housed in the luggage compartment. Offering capacity of 300 litres or 10.5 cubic feet, the luggage compartment in the BMW M6 Convertible is certainly most spacious even with the roof down. And once the roof is closed, with the roof compartment folded in, luggage capacity increases to an even larger 350 litres or 12.3 cubic feet, conveniently accommodating a set of one large and one small hard-shell suitcase or one medium-sized hard-shell suitcase plus two 46-inch golf bags. Four lashing points in the floor of the luggage compartment serve to securely hold down individual items of luggage. Through-loading in conjunction with a ski-bag available as an option enables the driver to conveniently accommodate two pairs of skis up to 2.05 metres or 81 inches in length, or a snowboard. The luggage compartment opens by remote control or by a handle integrated in the BMW logo on the rear lid. The storage compartments, boxes and other spaces available within the interior for all kinds of odds and ends are also more than generous. Offering capacity of 4.8 litres, the glove compartment alone is larger than normal even though the CD changer and the car’s fuses are accommodated behind the glove compartment as such.


Driver-oriented cockpit with all the flair of Formula 1.
Within the driver-oriented cockpit, all essential functions are placed in exactly the right ergonomic arrangement on or around the steering wheel. The control elements for all functions also relevant to the front passenger are concentrated around the centre console, which also accommodates the iDrive Controller serving to activate and mastermind the car’s comfort functions via the Control Display. In its purist and straightforward aluminium design, the iDrive Controller and, indeed, the centre console as such stands out clearly in both its looks and touch from the Controller in the BMW 650i Convertible. The Control Display presents the functions and settings currently active in the menu structure enhanced on the M6 Convertible by MDrive Management. The lights and position indicator showing the gear currently in mesh are activated in the gear selector lever as soon as the driver switches on the ignition. Four push buttons next to the SMG selector lever serve to directly control the Power, DSC, EDC, and Drivelogic dynamic drive functions. Both the speedometer and rev counter come in chrome surrounds, the driver receiving clear information from white figures on a black face and indicator needles finished in traditional BMW M red. The white corona lights on the cockpit are switched on permanently, and the presentation of engine speed in the rev counter reflects yet another highlight so typical of BMW M: The yellow pre-warning field and the red warning field display the range of engine speed the driver is currently advised to observe in the BMW M6 Convertible as a function of the current engine oil temperature. With engine oil warming up, the range of engine speed available increases accordingly, allowing the driver to use all of the engine’s power and performance. Between the speedometer and rev counter the driver will find all the controls and displays typical of a sports car, such as the oil level indicator, the mileage counter, and the SMG display presenting the gear currently in mesh, as well as the Drivelogic function. The optional Head-Up Display (HUD) gives the driver essential driving information directly in his field of vision. Then, simply pressing a button, the driver is able to choose either the standard display or specific BMW M information and data projected on to the windscreen. The special BMW M display highlights the dynamic engine speed band and also presents the optimum gearshift points through its shift-light function carried over directly from Formula 1. And last but certainly not least, the display informs the driver at all times of the gear currently in mesh and the speed of the car. The M leather steering wheel is the perfect interface between a sporting, ambitious driver and his high-performance car. A steering wheel of this quality allows the driver not only to steer the car precisely in every situation and under all conditions, but also, thanks to the multi-function buttons, to mastermind a whole range of the car’s functions. Supplementing this superiority, the SMG paddles allow the driver to shift gears easily and conveniently at the touch of a button, always keeping his hands on the steering wheel. This, reflecting BMW’s clear philosophy, is the appropriate rendition of ergonomics enhancing not only sheer driving pleasure, but also traffic safety. Pressing a button on the multifunction steering wheel, the driver also activates the MDrive function, turning a comfort-oriented convertible into a thoroughbred sports car and vice versa at the touch of a button: Via MDrive, the driver is able to call up various settings of the car’s dynamic drive systems configured in advance in iDrive. These are the Power button, SMG Drivelogic, DSC Dynamic Stability Control, EDC Electronic Damper Control, the Head-Up Display, and the key memory system. The BMW M6 Convertible is a truly unique vehicle even in standard trim. And to enhance the car to an even higher level of personal style and perfection, the customer has the choice of a wide range of special features for the BMW 6 Series as a whole and for the BMW M6 in particular. Two outstanding examples are Adaptive Headlights literally guiding the car round a bend and cruise control. In addition, the customer also has the choice of various audio systems tailored specifically to the Convertible and a wide range of communication features. And like the BMW M6 Convertible itself, these outstanding features obviously offer the highest level of all-round perfection and quality.

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