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M3 Coupe - E92 (2007 - ...) - Carbon Roof, Colours and Rev Counter

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M3 Coupe - E92 (2007 - ...)
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Body Design
Carbon Roof, Colours and Rev Counter
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Roof in high-tech carbon-fibre: low weight, big effect
Carbon-fibre has made its way successfully into Formula 1 as an extremely stable, but nevertheless very light material. So it is only consistent for the designers and engineers responsible for the new BMW M3 to use precisely this material originally applied in aerospace in order to further lower the centre of gravity of the new BMW M3 – carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFP) is used where it counts most, on the outer skin of the car, saving about 5 kg or 11 lb in the process. With this weight being saved at the highest point on the body, the effect on driving dynamics is of course particularly positive.
To enhance the high-tech character of the car also in visual terms, the roof is finished only in clear paint, thus proudly maintaining and demonstrating the woven structure of the carbon fibre. A further point is that the dark look of the roof makes the roof pillars look even lower from the side, creating the impression as if the entire car were resting in an even lower and more dynamic position on the road.
The production technology developed especially for the CFP roof is currently applied exclusively by BMW’s specialists at the Company’s plant in Landshut just north of Munich. Originally, this technology was developed for the production of very special cars built in limited editions for the most demanding connoisseurs. And now, thanks to the unique know-how of BMW’s production engineers at the Landshut Plant, new ways and means of using and processing CFP have been developed, opening up the door to the use of this material in far larger numbers, for example on the roof of the new BMW M3.


Special M body colours adding a further touch of exclusivity
The new BMW M3 is available with a choice of no less than four M metallic paintwork options giving particular emphasis to the interaction of the body surfaces, the contours and proportions of the car. Coming with a light shimmering effect, Melbourne Red, for example, combines unique brilliance and colour depth. Jerez Black, on the other hand, boasts blue pearl pigments to again provide unique highlights and unprecedented appeal. Powerful Interlagos Blue, in turn, incorporates red colour pigments to provide a highly attractive interaction of blue and violet from various angles. The fourth colour already well known from the BMW M5 and BMW M6 is Silverstone, a light silver colour with a slight touch of blue. In addition, the new BMW M3 is available in both Alpine White and Black as well as Sparkling Graphite and Space Grey metallic, all body colours highlighting either the technical and sporting character of the car or its superior and elegant look.

Another feature typical of BMW M: rev counter with variable warning zones
The exterior impressively symbolises the outstanding performance and sporting qualities of the new BMW M3. The interior, in turn, supplements this supreme flair, seeking to offer the driver an unparalleled driving experience and all the other occupants a beautiful ambience tailored to their needs. Well-conceived and sophisticated ergonomics within the interior serve to ensure a complete symbiosis of man and machine, the driver and passenger coming together to form one complete whole.
In its design, however, the new BMW M3 differs on some essential points from the “underlying” BMW 3 Series Coupé, making the new BMW M3 a truly unmistakable car right from the beginning as soon as you get inside. Indeed, door entry trim embellished with the M logo shows the driver and passengers from the start that this is a very special car. The dual dials (speedometer/fuel gauge and rev counter/oil temperature) typical of BMW from the start come in this case in specific BMW M configuration, again visualising the supreme power and performance of the eight-cylinder. The numbers stand out in white from the black background, the indicators in the traditional red colour of BMW M GmbH are particularly clear and easy to monitor A special feature typical of a BMW M Car is the rev counter with its variable warning field informing the driver while the engine is warming up of the speed range currently available as a function of engine oil temperature. In this process, the borderline between the pre-warning zone shown in yellow and the actual warning area shown in red moves as a function of increasing oil temperature in the BMW M3 all the way to the maximum permissible speed of 8, 400 rpm. The digital instruments presenting the time, the exterior temperature, trip mileage and telltales are housed in between the two circular instruments.


The BMW M leather steering wheel serves as the perfect interface between man and machine. The steering wheel rim offering simply perfect grip also thanks to special contours allows precise movement of the steering wheel according to the driver’s commands. The cross-brackets on the steering wheel, in turn, house the remote control buttons for the audio system and mobile phone as well as the optional MDrive button serving to call up the particular set-up of the car saved in advance within the system. A further button is freely programmable by means of iDrive.
An integrated footrest gives the driver’s left foot a secure position whenever he is not required to operate the clutch pedal. The trim made of brushed aluminium and the anti-slip cover in the middle highlight the sporting character of this functional element, allowing the driver to keep his left leg in a particularly comfortable position while driving steadily at a consistent speed.

Newly designed centre console and enhanced iDrive.
The control area in the cockpit directly in front of the driver merges into the newly designed centre console between the front seats oriented in its entire geometry to the driver through its discreet sweeping arrangement. On all trim versions of the new BMW M3, the console is finished in black leather, harmoniously extending the instrument surrounds and control area in both the right colour and design.
Three function switches (Power, DSC and, as an option, EDC) face towards the driver, enabling him to conveniently activate or deactivate the various electronic driving programs. The intuitive user guidance provided by the iDrive control concept and enhanced in this case by MDrive reflects the control philosophy already boasted in the BMW M6.


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