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M Series

M3 GTS - E92 (2010 - ...)

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All clear given for market launch of the BMW M3 GTS.

Source: BMW Group


The top-of-the-range version of the BMW M3 high-performance sports car is ready for delivery – The road-going high performer is built at the BMW M GmbH production facility – High-revving V8 engine with 331 kW/450 bhp and increased displacement – Lightweight construction, aerodynamics, suspension and engine optimised for motor racing.


Last Updated on Friday, 23 December 2011 12:12
X5 M & X6 M - E70/E71 (2010 - ...)

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BMW X5 M & X6 M Source: BMW Group The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M for the first time carry over the high-performance character of those very special cars from BMW M GmbH into the segment of [ ... ]

M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...)

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Experience Power, Enjoy Freedom: The new BMW M3 Convertible. Source: BMW Group The BMW M3 model family is being upgraded by yet another fascinating player: The new BMW M3 Convertible, the third bod [ ... ]

M3 Coupe - E92 (2007 - ...)

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The new BMW M3 e92 Source: BMW Group Fourth-generation of the BMW M3, all-new, unique high-performance sports car from BMW M GmbH with unprecedented design and technology, developed on the basis of [ ... ]

M3 Sedan - E90 (2007 - ...)

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The new BMW M3 e90 Sedan Source: BMW Group The new BMW M3 Coupé offers unique power and performance combined with equally outstanding driving dynamics, almost unlimited muscle from the newly deve [ ... ]

M Z4 Roadster - E85 (2006 - 2008)

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The new Z4 M Roadster - the high-performance two seater is reborn Source: bmwgroup BMW has announced details of the latest M car – the new BMW Z4 M Roadster. Three-years after the Z4’s launch as [ ... ]

M6 Cabrio - E64 (2006 - ...)

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BMW M6 Cabrio Source: BMW Group Supersports or luxury convertible? The connoisseur opting for the BMW M6 Convertible is not even required to make such a decision. Quite simply because this u [ ... ]

M6 Coupe - E63 (2005 - ...)

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The new BMW M6 - rebirth of an icon The announcement of a new M car remains a rare and exciting occasion, and the launch of the new M6 in 2005 will reveal a potent new combination of BMW engineering [ ... ]

M5 - E60 (2005 - ...)

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The BMW M5 V10 The ultimate in sports saloon motoring has got a name: M5. This finest 5 Series vehicle is the most powerful of all time: five litres of cubic capacity, ten cylinders, a maximum o [ ... ]

M3 CSL - E46 (2003 - 2004)

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The New BMW M3 CSL: Intelligent Lightweight Technology and Supreme Driving Dynamics. A new sports car now embodies the very core of the BMW brand in its most original style – the M3 CSL. Takin [ ... ]

M3 - E46 (2001 - 2006)

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BMW M3 With Sequential Manual Gearbox August 2001 will see the introduction of the second generation of BMW's Sequential 'M' Gearbox. Available only on the M3, SMG II is a clutchless manual gearbox  [ ... ]

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