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Twin Turbo and EfficientDynamics for 4cyl Petrol and Diesel

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Twin Turbo and EfficientDynamics for 4cyl Petrol and Diesel
4-cyl Gasoline: Introduction
4-cyl Gasoline: High Precision Injection
4-cyl Gasoline: Clean and Efficient
4-cyl Gasoline: Specifications
4-cyl Diesel: Introduction
4-cyl Diesel: Fuel Economy and Variable Twin Turbo
4-cyl Diesel: Specifications
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Variable Twin Turbo and EfficientDynamics for new 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder Petrol and Diesel Engines
Source: BMW Group

Introducing second-generation direct gasoline injection and a number of new features around the engine, BMW is now also establishing a new dimension of EfficentDynamics with its four-cylinder power units. The new generation of four-cylinder petrol engines features direct fuel injection appropriately defined by BMW as High Precision Injection, allowing lean burn operation of the engine throughout a wide range of engine speed and therefore helping to significantly reduce fuel consumption in everyday traffic despite the further increase in engine power.
And next to that; more power, lower weight and a further improvement in emission management – these are the highlights of the new four-cylinder diesel engines with which BMW now sets the standard for EfficientDynamics in this segment of powertrains. Featuring an all-aluminium crankcase, turbocharging technology, third-generation common rail fuel injection, diesel particulate filters placed closed to the engine, and numerous detailed innovations, the new compact power units open up a new dimension of economic and clean motoring.


The new four-cylinder power units now being introduced by BMW offer a supreme standard of EfficientDynamics in particularly compact dimensions. This applies both to the latest generation of diesel engines and to the new petrol engines, each with four cylinders. In both categories BMW’s latest power units set the standard in terms of power and performance combined with superior economy.
Regardless of whether petrol or diesel as well as the category of power and performance chosen, all drivers of a four-cylinder BMW thus benefit from BMW’s significant progress in engine development defining the strategy of EfficientDynamics. In comparison with their respective predecessors, all new-generation four-cylinders offer lower weight, more power, greater fuel economy, and optimised emissions.

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