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7 Series - E65/E66 (2001 - 2008) - More information

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7 Series - E65/E66 (2001 - 2008)
Power and Brilliance
730d, 740d, 730(L)i and 760(L)i
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In-car and on-line
Innovation is not just an aspiration at BMW.
New technologies and features designed to improve the driving experience are constantly pioneered.
To coincide with the launch of its new models, BMW has introduced the world's first in-car communications package featuring on-line access as an option for 7 Series customers.
The service allows drivers and passengers to keep abreast of news and business trends and to send and receive e-mail in-car.
It uses a unique BMW portal which also opens up a rich seam of leisure information such as local places of interest, theatres restaurants and cinemas.
Information is delivered straight to the car's on-board monitor courtesy of a push and a few clicks of the iDrive console.

Sevens and sixes
All models in the 7 Series range now come with six speed automatic transmission as standard.
Featuring drive-by-wire technology, the gearbox changes automatically or manually via steering-wheel mounted Steptronic buttons.
It is also 'intelligent', learning an individual's driving style and adapting shift patterns accordingly.

Comfort and poise
On the foundation of a weight-saving aluminium chassis, BMW has pioneered a range of features to ensure fine, poised handling.
This includes the groundbreaking Dynamic Drive, a system that prevents body roll when cornering, by using dampers and anti-roll bars to counter the car's natural lean.

Safe and sound inside
BMW 7 Series customers do not just benefit from capacious, comfortable surroundings.
They can also be sure that while they travel in style, they also travel in a car hosting a myriad safety features.
The Intelligent Safety Integrated System (ISIS) for example, uses a series of sensors that pinpoint the location and severity of any impact, deploying the most effective airbag at the right time and intensity to offer maximum protection.
Head airbags include a canvas-like curtain, which drops inside the window protecting occupants from shards of glass and any other intrusive objects.

Leading edge luxury
Luxury abounds for passengers in all 7 Series models.
Second generation voice control, for example, means drivers can activate a number of functions such as radio and CD control, telephone calls and the navigation system, simply by talking to the car!
Cabin layout clearly separates core driving functions from comfort functions.
Comfort functions are not essential for driving but make the driving experience easier, more convenient and enjoyable.
This is where iDrive, BMW's innovative communications system can be found, negating dashboard clutter and allowing the driver to control auxiliary functions by a simple push and a click of a circular console.

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