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3 Series - E30 (1983 - 1994)

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3 Series - E30 (1983 - 1994)
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The most popular BMW ever.... the BMW 3 series e30

The e30 was introduced late in 1982, and in the showroom from 1983. It is the successor of the e21, and uses many of it's parts.
The first models to be shown at the dealers' were the 316, 318i, 320i and 323i (the latter 2 with 6 cylinder engines), all 2 door versions.
Standard on the 6 cylinder models (m20 engine) were a rev counter and check control panel, which checks if your lights are working, the oil, the wiperfluid and coolantfluid.
Later in 1983 the 4 door models were introduced, with the same specifications as the 2 door model.

The e30 received some changes in 1985. The 320i now came with a 129HP engine (same M20 engine as before).
Also a range of larger-engined models were added, and so was the new diesel-powered e30.
The 325i, 325ix, 325e and 324d were added; the 325i carried the M20 engine with 170HP, the same as the 325iX which was powered on all 4 wheels.
The 325e was an economical model, which was only available in the US, and has the same 2.5 liter M20 engine, but with only 122HP.
The first diesel had a top speed of 165km/h and 86HP.
A remarkable thing happened in South-Africa, where the most powerfull 3 series wasn't powerfull enough, and BMW decided to put in the M30 engine from the 5 series.
The new 333i blasted over the road with a stunning 197HP!

From 1987 the e30 got a facelift, the rear lightunits transformed, as did the front spoiler...
And thank god the spare tyre was finally made invisible to the people driving behind you.
In 1987 the 324td was introduced, next to the less-powered 324d, the newest turbodiesel had 115HP (M21 engine).
Also the new 316i received the 318i engine, which now had 102HP. And the 318i received the new M40 engine with 113HP.
The 1987 316i didn't survive long as the 1988 316i replaced it, now carrying an M40 engine with "only" 100HP.

From 1988 the new touring was available as 320i, 325i, 325ix and 324td.
In 1989 the new 318is came on the market, this little sports-coupé had a 4 cylinder 16 valve engine (M42) which produced 136HP,
and the 318i was made available as a touring.
The convertible got a facelift in 1991, and the 316i touring was on the market.
The e30 was built until the last 4 cylinder touring left the factory in 1994.
In total there were over 2.2 million e30's built in 10 years!

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