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X1 - E84 (2009 - ...) - Production: Integrated Production for Superior Quality and Flexibility.

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X1 - E84 (2009 - ...)
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Production: Integrated Production for Superior Quality and Flexibility.

• Production at the BMW Leipzig plant for the world market.
• New press shop with affiliated door, bonnet and tailgate production strengthens the location.
• BMW Leipzig plant: High standard of environmental protection and quality management.
“Production of the BMW X1 precisely to the customer’s specifications at BMW Plant Leipzig is a clear commitment to Germany as a leading nation in car production. As a result, the youngest member in the X model family will help in the long run to secure jobs also at BMW Plant Leipzig.” Frank-Peter Arndt, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Production.
Production of the BMW X1 for the entire international market will be carried out exclusively at the BMW Leipzig plant. Consequently, for the very first time, a BMW X model is being built at a German location within the BMW Group’s global production network. At the BMW Leipzig plant, which opened its gates in 2005, the 3-door version of the BMW 1 Series, the BMW 1 Series Coupe, the BMW 1 Series Convertible and the BMW 3 Series Saloon are produced.
Highly flexible manufacturing and working structures are, in addition to modern environmental and quality standards, the production plant’s specific attributes.
This year, a new press shop with affiliated door, bonnet and tailgate production is being opened on the BMW Leipzig factory premises. In addition to this extension, the incorporation of the production of the BMW X1 will also contribute considerably towards strengthening the location and a long-term securing of jobs.

Ideal starting conditions through flexible structures.
Another special attribute of the BMW Leipzig plant is the possibility to prepare for the commencement of production of the BMW X1 at the body construction facility, the paint shop and on the assembly line during continuous operation. This is guaranteed, for example, by the unique comb-shaped structure of the assembly hall. It creates the prerequisites for flexible individual wing extension for the integration of additional production stages at little cost and effort.
These attributes provide the ideal conditions for a trouble-free start-up of production of the BMW X1. Once again the BMW Leipzig plant is proving its outstanding competence in the run-up to the production of new models.
Within just three years, the 3-door, the Coupe and the Convertible versions of the BMW 1 Series had already been previously incorporated into the programme, whereby, in each case, outstanding quality standards and high manufacturing efficiency were immediately achieved.
The construction of the complete body-in-white as well as painting and assembly of all models built at the BMW Leipzig plant is carried out on the same production lines. In the case of the BMW X1, assembly of four-wheel drive components is, for the first time, also being integrated into the production flow. Additionally, an automatic work station for the installation of the particularly large panorama glass sunroof featured by the BMW X1 has been set up and likewise integrated into the overall process. Only those components used in the manufacture of structural body parts are produced in separate areas for the various models. In this way, it is possible to optimally utilise flexible production capacities according to each market situation.


Central building awarded architecture prize.
Through its location and infrastructure, BMW Plant Leipzig offers ideal conditions for shipping a major share of the vehicles built at the Plant by rail.
A direct railway connection also allows the delivery of materials by train. And finally a direct link to the Autobahn serves to keep the surrounding towns and
villages free of trucks for all further transport requirements.
The BMW Leipzig plant was built with an investment volume of around 1.3 billion Euros at an industrial park located to the north of the Saxon city.
The buildings occupy approximately 50 hectares of a total area of 208 hectares. The direct connection to the autobahn ensures that the surrounding built-up areas are kept free of heavy goods traffic. Finished vehicles are also shipped by rail. For this purpose the BMW Leipzig plant is directly linked to the railway network.
The manufacturing facilities are arranged around a central administration, services and communications complex. The central building was designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. It provides a tight inter-connection of production areas and also offers space for people to meet and communicate.
In 2005, its characteristic design was awarded, inter alia, the Architecture Prize of the City of Leipzig and the prestigious German Architecture Prize.
Series production of the BMW 3 Series Saloon commenced on March 1, 2005, the incorporation of a further model following two years later with the production of the three-door version of the BMW 1 Series. The BMW 1 Series Coupe has been produced at Leipzig since September 2007, joined by the BMW 1 Series Convertible in December 2007. Thanks to flexible working hour schemes and shifts, up to 700 vehicles, depending on demand, are produced at the BMW Leipzig plant each day. This is realised by the “BMW Labour Formula”, which renders possible a production facility utilisation time of between 60 and 140 hours per week. In this way, adapting to changes in the production plan at short notice is possible with little investment.

More than 4,600 jobs with BMW and external suppliers.
The BMW Leipzig plant is a production facility that has an integrated supply centre for external suppliers at its disposal. Due to this, parts from suppliers and pre-assembled components for all models produced at this location reach the assembly line quickly and directly. To date, more than 4,600 jobs have been created on the plant premises as a whole.
Each and every day, in-plant logistics move around 10,000 m3 of material. More than 80 percent of the parts reach the assembly line “just in time” – i.e. precisely when they are needed – and “just in sequence” – that is in the order of assembly of each individual vehicle. The bodies-in-white and painted bodies pass through the central building several times on specially constructed conveyors measuring a total length of 600 metres. With this concept, BMW is breaking with the traditional idea of separating administration and production. In this way, administration staff are also able to experience the production process at first hand.

New press shop with door, bonnet and tailgate production supports an efficient and environmentally sound production structure.
The almost completed extension of the BMW Leipzig plant will contribute towards a further increase in production efficiency and optimisation of the logistics cycle. The production of doors, bonnets and tailgates, which were previously acquired mainly from other BMW plants, is carried out at a new press shop with extended component production, in which a total of around 100 million Euro was invested. Due to the elimination of transport routes the ecological effects of the production process are also further enhanced. The respective BMW X1 components also originate from the newly built production facilities. The new press shop is a sensible addition to the existing body construction facility at Leipzig, providing some further 100 jobs at this location.

High quality and environmental standards at the BMW Leipzig plant.
As a state-of-the-art production facility the BMW Leipzig plant utilises particularly environmentally sound processes. For instance, the paint shop uses exclusively water-based paints and environmentally friendly powder lacquers. Integrated regenerated heat recovery assists with preserving valuable resources and an extremely economical manufacturing process. Quality management also plays a crucial role within the manufacturing process at the BMW Leipzig plant. The same high standards apply to the quality of products and services as in the entire BMW Group. Factory structures, technical facilities and staff qualifications are consistently oriented towards the production of premium products.

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