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X1 - E84 (2009 - ...) - Design: Versatile, Sporting and Full of Elegance.

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X1 - E84 (2009 - ...)
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Design: Versatile, Sporting and Full of Elegance.

• Sporting looks with stretched proportions typical of the brand.
• Characteristic features of a BMW X model.
• Generous interior with powerful, natural colours.
“In its design, the BMW X1 embodies truly youthful flair, a clear expression of spontaneous performance, and the versatility so typical of all BMW X models.” Adrian van Hooydonk,Head of BMW Group Design Outstanding agility and versatile sportiness – these are the characteristic features of the BMW X1 in its driving qualities. And these features are also borne out clearly in the design of the vehicle, its self-confident elegance coming out just as clearly and convincingly in its straightforward functionality.
The front, side and rear ends flow directly into one another, striking lines ensuring smooth transitions from one body element to the other.
Measuring 4.45 metres or 175.2” in length, the five-door, despite its smaller dimensions than on the BMW X6, the BMW X5 and the BMW X3, clearly stands out from every angle as a genuine BMW X model. Wheel arches almost square is shape, striking surfaces and the upright BMW kidney grille exude a clear sign of robust character. The features typical of a BMW X model include extra ground clearance and slender protection trim around the lower part of the body, clearly expressing the ability of the BMW X1 to perform to the highest standard also off the beaten track. The roof railing available as an option, in turn, underlines the superior function of the car.

Stretched proportions emphasising the sporting character of the BMW X1.
With its long engine compartment lid, short front overhang, long wheelbase of 2.76 metres or 108,7” and the low-raked rear window, the BMW X1 clearly proves its sporting character through its stretched proportions alone.
Similarly, BMW’s new X model also comes with excellent aerodynamic qualities giving the BMW X1 sDrive20d, BMW X1 xDrive18d and the BMW X1 sDrive18d, for example, a drag coefficient (Cd) of just 0.32.
The front end now takes on powerful presence through its muscular bumper and the BMW kidney grille perfectly integrated at the front without the slightest joint or space in between. Widely flared wheel arches and the strongly contoured engine lid with its contour lines seemingly flowing into the kidney grille give the BMW X1 a particularly muscular appearance.
The dual round headlights again so typical of BMW offer a highly focused expression through their clearly cut off line at the top and the row of lights emphasising the width of the vehicle. The three-dimensional surrounds give the headlight contours additional style and character, while the foglamps positioned high up and far to the outside in typical BMW X-style are integrated deeply within the bumpers.
As on all BMW X models, the two-piece bumper is made up of one element finished in body colour and a lower section made of hard-wearing black plastic integrated into the protective cover at the bottom. The painted surfaces on the front air dam extend particular far down at the outside, guiding the observer’s view to the wheels emphasising the storing and stable stance of the car. And beneath the large air intake, finally, silver-coloured underfloor protection clearly shows that the new model is a fully-fledged member of the BMW X family.
Three striking lines characterise the side view of the BMW X1. The waistline rising up sharply on the level of the door openers, together with the sill line moving up only slowly, creates a dynamic wedge shape, the character line in between, through its smooth flow first moving down in the front door area and then rising up slightly, and finally surging up dynamically just upfront of the rear wheel arch, adding a particular highlight.
The character line continues into the graphic surround on the “Hofmeister kick” at the bottom of the C-pillar so typical of BMW. As a result, the character line and the window graphics interact with one another to form one visual unit giving the BMW X1 a particularly agile and compact appearance.
Muscular wheel arches and horizontal lines emphasise the sheer width of the elaborately chiselled rear end, while the surfaces themselves come in a gentle, sweeping shape. The lower edge of the rear lid, in turn, takes up the character line at the side, while the rear light clusters in L-design so typical of the brand come with sharp lines as a new rendition. At the bottom, like the headlights and the lower end of the side window graphics, the rear light clusters merge into additional surround elements giving their contours even greater clarity.
The lower section of the bumper at the rear of the BMW X1 also forms part of the protection elements surrounding the entire vehicle, while at the same time the underfloor protection finished in silver accentuates the robust character again so typical of a BMW X model.
The BMW X1 offers particular class and style with its optional X Line comprising silver-painted inserts on the front and rear bumpers as well as in the side-sills and a painted crossbar splitting the lower air intake horizontally. Available as an option, the roof railing comes either in eloxy silver or matt black when combined with BMW X Line.


Interior design: sophisticated, modern, functional, generous.
Graphic elements full of powerful expression, generous trim surfaces and dynamic lines give the interior of the BMW X1 truly sporting and youthful character. The dashboard is stratified by horizontal lines forming a structure continuing into the door panels to emphasise the width of the vehicle through its generous feeling of space. The Control Display of the optional iDrive control system is likewise integrated harmoniously into the dashboard in new, innovative style.
The elevated seating positon so typical of a BMW X model allows easy access to the car, at the same time giving the driver an optimised overview of traffic conditions and, as a result, outstanding supremacy at the wheel.
This impression is further enhanced by the driver’s perspective facing slightly down to the instrument panel slightly curved towards the front.
The asymmetric design of the centre console and the dashboard around the cockpit offers a new rendition of the driver orientation again so typical of the brand, the particularly shape of the centre console clearly separating the driver’s and front passenger’s areas. The slightly higher side panel on the front passenger’s side emphasises this structure and the arrangement of the gearshift or, respectively, gear selector lever as well as the Controller for the optional iDrive control system specifically tailored to the driver.
The controls for air conditioning and the audio system are likewise turned slightly towards the driver, while a band in contrasting colour originating from the lower section of the instrument panel surrounds the instrument cluster including the binnacle above, guiding the driver’s eyes to the road ahead.
The start/stop button, finally, is positioned on the inner side of this band facing towards the driver.
The BMW X1 is available for the time being with a choice of seven different colours. The interior, in turn, comes in powerful natural colours, the wide range of colours available offering the customer maximum freedom in choosing his or her personal and individual style. As an alternative to the seat upholstery coming as standard in Elektra cloth, Median cloth in sporting striped design as well as Nevada leather are also available. And finally there is also a choice of seven surface colours and five trim variants, again serving to give the car either a particularly sporting, a very modern, a more extroverted or an elegant note.
The BMW X1 is also available in Cool Elegance design comprising features such as sports seats with leather upholstery in Oyster colour and black-yellow piping on the backrests as well as a trim bar in Wave Wood, light. Last but not least, the lower part of the dashboard as well as the centre console also come in BMW’s special Oyster colour.

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