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6 Series Coupe - E63 (2004 - 2007) - Technology

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6 Series Coupe - E63 (2004 - 2007)
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Typical state-of-the-art BMW technological features such as VALVETRONIC, DSC, and the use of lightweight materials are supplemented on the 6 Series by the most comprehensive list of beneficial options:

... Dynamic Drive, first seen on the 7 Series, introduces an active anti-roll mechanism that virtually eliminates body sway without affecting ride quality.
... Active Steering monitors speed and mechanically counters or enhances the driver's steering inputs to assist cornering at low speeds or reduce the impact of small steering adjustments at high speed in order to maintain stability, making city driving far easier and less exerting, and motorway cruising far safer.
... Adaptive Headlights monitor speed, yaw rates and driver steering inputs to swing around corners by up to fifteen degrees, illuminating the road ahead rather than the roadside directly in front of the car. 6_e63_center_console
... Head-up Display is a technology transfer from BMW's Formula 1 and yachting programmes and projects vital driver-relevant information onto the windscreen such as navigation instructions, speed and check control data. Importantly this is directly in the driver's sight line, but does not detract from his/her vision.
... Voice activated iDrive is a revision of the original system introduced on the 7 Series. This second generation system is standard and offers the same benefits - less dashboard clutter allowing the driver to focus on driving, and the opportunities to tailor the car's systems - but in a more intuitive way. As the name suggests it can also be controlled vocally, as can the in-car telephone system, through a button on the multi-function steering wheel.
... The steering wheel is personally programmable. Two buttons - one featuring a star, the other a rhombus - on the right bar can be personalised to activate a default control such as air conditioning re-circulation or radio station for example. Settings are selected through the iDrive system.
... The optional glass panorama tilt roof is considerably larger than a traditional sunroof and, with the car's relatively short roofline, means that the interior of the car is extremely light. It also electronically rises by up to eight centimetres offering impressive levels of ventilation. The roof blind can be closed via the remote key when locking the car.
... Colour-coded Park Distance Control, Professional Navigation, Active Cruise Control, TV with teletext, BMW Assist and Online and standard electric Sports seats are further, but by no means the definitive list of, technologies available.

The words luxury and performance were never more appropriate for a BMW.

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