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6 Series Coupe - E63 (2004 - 2007) - Drivetrain and Chassis

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6 Series Coupe - E63 (2004 - 2007)
Drivetrain and Chassis
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Though the choice of transmission may be a pleasantly tough decision to make (auto convenience, manual involvement or SMG), the one clear factor is that the gears direct power to the standard 18 inch alloys from one of the world's great engines - BMW's V8 4.4-litre petrol.
Featuring VALVETRONIC valve control, Bi- VANOS variable valve timing and fully variable intake manifold length adjustment the flexible eight cylinder unit, combined with the car's light weight and 50:50 weight distribution, produces a coupé that is just as happy cruising at 1,500 rpm as it is powering through corners on the redline.

The figures speak for themselves: maximum output is 333bhp at 6,100 rpm; maximum torque is 450Nm at 3,600 rpm; fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 25.9 mpg; fuel tank capacity is 70 litres allowing up to 670 miles between fill-ups; 0 - 62 mph is 5.6 seconds (manual) and 50 - 75 mph (in fourth) is just 5.1 seconds.

On a more emotional level, the V8 gives off a throaty rumble with an enthusiastic right foot - clearly the sound of a performance car - and most drivers will reinforce the car's sporting credentials through activation of the standard Dynamic Driving Control via the 'sport' button.
This produces faster acceleration and a more direct steering response, plus gearshifts at higher engine speeds in the auto box.
With SMG this sport mode ensures even faster gear changes.

The combination of V8 power, lightweight body construction, advanced transmission technologies and aerodynamic styling would be nothing without an equally competent chassis.
To accommodate the 21st Century design conundrum for great driving and modern ownership requirements - a lighter car on a bigger body - BMW covers all the bases through the construction of an all aluminium chassis.

But this 'simple' process translates complex demands into pure driving rewards.
The goal of 50:50 weight distribution is assisted via a platform that is both lightweight and flexible, whilst aluminium suspension and axle parts exploit the benefits of hydraulic rack-and-pinion Servotronic steering, optional Dynamic Drive suspension control and optional Active Steering.

The confidence behind the 6 Series' great handling and performance flexibility is reinforced by large swing-calliper brakes featuring inner-vented discs on all four wheels that ensure excellent stopping power and fade-free reliability.
Combined with Run-flat tyre technology on standard 18? aluminium rims (19" optional) and a Tyre Puncture Warning System, safety and performance live hand-in-hand. 645ci_e63_grey_side2

Powerful braking and supreme handling are not always enough to ensure perfect levels of safety as unforeseen issues can be out of the driver's control.
BMW's renowned Dynamic Stability Control ( DSC) is a key active safety feature that ensures a smooth passage over less than perfect surfaces - or the odd overindulgence by the driver.
For the enthusiast, Dynamic Traction Control ( DTC) can be activated and DSC switched off completely.
Meanwhile six airbags that protect both front and rear passengers, ensure that if the worst comes to the worst, 6 Series occupants are well protected.
The front airbags are 'intelligent' - only firing if the seats are occupied under impact - and all 'bags are linked, but work independently.
This results in a focused and instantly reactive passive protection system that is unbeatable in its life-saving abilities.

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